The American University Symposium on the Northern Ireland Peace Process

20 April 2018


American University
Kerwin Hall 301
4400 Massachusetts Ave NW
DC 20016
United States of America


This day-long symposium marks the 20th anniversary of sustained peace in Northern Ireland following decades of violent conflict. Attendees will hear from panelists about the peace process itself, the accomplishments since, and challenges moving forward, including the implications of Brexit. Guest speakers include academics, practitioners, and diplomates who participated in the peace process. Sponsored by the Northern Ireland Bureau, American University's School of Public Affairs, and School of International Service, Queen’s University Belfast, and Ulster University in partnership with American University's School of Communication and Irish Network DC.

Getting to Agreement: Negotiations, American Involvement, and Consociational nature of the agreements will discuss how the peace agreement came about, the American involvement and the nature of the agreement itself.
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