K&L Gates undertakes matters related to property management, leasing, servicing, and outsourcing, and in many situations handles enterprise-wide leasing programs for our clients.

Our leasing engagements involve a multitude of lease negotiations, as well as disposition transactions by sublease; assignment or lease termination/surrender and variation, make good deeds, and agreements; leasehold improvement build-out matters; the negotiation of brokerage agreements and subordination, non-disturbance, and attornment agreements; and estoppel certificates with mortgage lenders. In addition, we have a robust outsourcing practice and counsel one of the leading global providers of real estate outsourcing services.

K&L Gates is one of two national law firms that represent Cisco Systems with respect to all of its commercial real estate needs across the U.S. We handle national and international leasing assignments for clients such as Expedia, Microsoft, Grant Thornton, Liberty Dialysis, Calgon Carbon Corporation, Wesco Distribution, Allegheny Technologies, Federated Investors, Mirvac, Metcash, Siemens, Boeing, and Vodafone Hutchison Australia.