Privacy and data protection are among the most complex, dynamic, and rapidly changing areas of law. Practically every month, a new law adds another set of complicated and contradictory requirements. We help our clients to develop effective solutions for protecting and managing information assets and comply with the law while containing costs and maintaining operational efficiency. Our lawyers help clients to:

  • Develop and implement privacy and information security policies, procedures, and contracts;
  • Deploy new technologies;
  • Develop innovative business practices;
  • Improve customer understanding and confidence;
  • Help avoid and mitigate regulatory enforcement actions; and
  • Conduct and manage complex litigation.

Our privacy, data protection, and information management practice benefits from our lawyers' experience with various technologies and methodologies. We have developed unique compliance techniques and approaches, including an industry-leading process-oriented approach to information management issues that assists our clients in making choices about how to use these technologies to achieve legal compliance. These techniques have been featured in testimony we were invited to provide to the U.S. National Computer Security and Privacy Advisory Board.

We also assist clients in negotiating agreements for technologies and related services to implement information management systems. In addition, our team employs substantive, lobbying, regulatory, and coalition-building skills to help businesses anticipate and shape changes to privacy and security laws and regulations.