K&L Gates’ global oil and gas practice is built on a deep, practical understanding of the international oil and gas business and the interplay between the legal and commercial aspects of exploring for, producing, transporting, storing, marketing, and processing crude oil, natural gas, liquefied natural gas (LNG), natural gas liquids (NGLs) and other petroleum products. The firm represents participants in every segment of the oil and gas industry, including the related manufacturing, service and supply sectors.

Our Oil and Gas Practice and the Clients We Serve
K&L Gates’ global oil and gas industry clients include international oil companies, foreign sovereigns, national oil companies and state-owned enterprises.

  • In our upstream practice, K&L Gates represents major oil companies, independent E&P companies, oil and gas field operators, drilling and service companies, suppliers of oilfield equipment and technology, and the owners, operators and constructors of all types of onshore and offshore infrastructure, facilities and equipment for the development and extraction of hydrocarbons, including onshore and offshore drilling, production and gathering facilities, onshore and floating LNG and NGL facilities, and FPSOs.
  • In our midstream practice, K&L Gates advises multinational businesses on all aspects of marketing, sale, shipment, transportation, handling and processing of oil and gas and hydrocarbon products (including LNG and NGLs) and related commodity marketing and trading matters (including hedging and derivative transactions) on the development, construction and operation of pipelines, processing and storage facilities and other midstream infrastructure, and in acquiring, constructing, chartering and financing of FPSOs, floating midstream facilities and other seagoing vessels used to handle and transport crude oil and hydrocarbon products.
  • In our downstream and LNG practices, K&L Gates represents players engaged in the refining, marketing and distribution of LNG, NGLs, petrochemicals, and other hydrocarbon products all over the world, whether they are acquiring, developing, redeveloping or operating greenfield or brownfield refineries, LNG liquefaction facilities, LNG and NGL export terminals, or other types of processing, storage, discharge or distribution facilities relating to hydrocarbon products.
  • Our oil and gas construction, project development and project finance teams understand the way the elements of upstream, midstream and downstream oil and gas deals must fit together in order to make an integrated, viable and financeable oil and gas project. Based on that experience, these teams add practical value to the development and construction of projects from the earliest days of project conceptualization, into the front-end engineering and design process, through the negotiation of EPC contracts, in planning and implementing project and conventional financing and in responding to and administering claims, arbitrations and other construction related disputes.
  • K&L Gates’ dispute resolution and litigation lawyers are some of the best in the world, strategically located in the major centers of the industry and actively advising clients across the oil and gas industry and all oilfield service and supply sectors. They are familiar with the range of risk mitigation problems and disputes that arise in the oil and gas business and the maritime, construction and other service and supply industries that support it. Our world class intellectual property and trademark protection practices understand the know-how and advanced technologies that are essential to enhancing the extraction and processing of oil and gas and hydrocarbon products and regularly advise on the protection of intellectual property rights around the world.

Our Industry Experience and Global Positioning
K&L Gates’ oil and gas team has the broad industry knowledge and experience necessary to understand the cross-disciplinary complexities involved in today’s integrated oil and gas projects, which often cross all major industry segments and require a clear view of the entire hydrocarbon value chain.

  • Our multinational and cross-border clients benefit from K&L Gates’ exceptional global reach and its fully integrated law practice approach with offices located on five continents.
  • Our oil and gas team includes over 200 lawyers strategically positioned across the firm’s global practice platform to serve the oil and gas industry worldwide.
  • Many of our lawyers come to the outside practice of law with extensive practical and commercial experience gained from working within the oil and gas industry and related service businesses or for the governmental and regulatory agencies that set and implement policies impacting the industry in local jurisdictions and around the world.
  • We have experience in virtually every major oil and gas producing region of the world, with particular experience in planning, implementing and de-risking oil and gas projects in the emerging and developing markets.

K&L Gates’ oil and gas team includes lawyers located across our global office network representing clients with operations in virtually all of the major oil and natural gas-producing regions around the world.

Our lawyers have handled challenging energy-related project engagements in North and South America; Western, Central, and Eastern Europe; Russia; the Middle East; and Asia. Our comprehensive oil and gas practice in the United States is recognized for its extensive experience in both conventional and unconventional formations throughout North America, in particular for its work in Pennsylvania, Texas, Louisiana, and the Gulf of Mexico, including the largest on-shore domestic shale plays - the Barnett Shale in Texas, the Haynesville Shale in Texas and Louisiana, and the Marcellus Shale formation in the Appalachian Basin. This experience is strongly complemented by significant pipeline and utility regulatory experience. In the Middle East and Asia our lawyers work on a range of engagements in the upstream and downstream sectors, including oil and gas field development, petrochemical and refinery developments, and energy trading.

The interdisciplinary team of lawyers in our oil and gas group addresses the myriad of legal issues involved with exploring for, producing, transporting, trading, storing, marketing, and processing natural gas, coal bed methane, oil, and other petroleum products. Our lawyers have experience in an array of practice areas including: arbitration litigation and dispute resolution; facility siting and permitting; environmental regulation; real estate, land use, planning, and zoning; water rights and water management; mergers and acquisitions and finance; public policy; FERC and public utility commission regulation; insurance coverage; construction and engineering; and intellectual property.

Our lawyers understand both the legal and business issues facing the oil and gas sector. Many were industry professionals in legislative, regulatory, and corporate roles prior to joining K&L Gates. Their experience and knowledge gained in those roles has provided a unique and valuable perspective in handling a wide range of matters for our oil and gas clients.

To support the rapidly growing oil and gas industries in Texas and the Appalachian Basin, we have instituted annual regional seminars dedicated to the Barnett and Marcellus shale plays focused on regulatory, infrastructure, water management, and financial concerns as well as legislative and litigation issues.

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