More than ever the globalization of the business world has demanded an increasingly mobile workforce, with companies turning beyond their own borders to find the best personnel. But the immigration laws have largely not kept apace, and in many countries can create barriers to a globalized workforce. The regulatory challenges are many and penalties for non-compliance more severe than ever before. Immigration is no longer a simple matter of filling out a few forms, but is a highly integrated, mission-critical driver in ensuring that businesses have the ability to recruit and transfer employees on a global scale, and expand operations throughout the world at the pace of business.

At K&L Gates, our immigration practice is designed to meet the complete needs of modern employers. Our teams leverage our global platform to help put the right people to work where they are needed – whether new hires inbound to the United States, Europe, Middle East, Australia, or Asia; or talented executives moving to international regions. We produce results efficiently, and can provide clients with real-time case status, highly customizable reporting and case tracking solutions, and bespoke immigration solutions. Our immigration team also has deep experience in investment-based immigration. We work closely with our colleagues in the areas of corporate & securities, real estate, lending, taxation and other disciplines to deliver seamless solutions for immigration-related investment programs around the world.

As one of the largest law firms in the world, K&L Gates has fully integrated offices located on five continents. This platform provides the base for our global network of legal resources, enabling us to offer strategic counsel on immigration issues around the world. Through our global firm we can provide on the ground immigration assistance where our clients need us. Our Global Employer Solutions team goes beyond narrow immigration and visa requirements to encompass data privacy mandates, anti-bribery and corruption compliance, tax and social security implications, jurisdictional concerns, stock benefits and compensation, and more.

We represent a broad array of Global 500, Fortune 100, and FTSE 100 corporations in every major industry, as well as many other public and private businesses, universities and philanthropic organizations. Our team has the knowledge, resources, talent, and experience to anticipate and effectively assist with the most demanding and sophisticated immigration challenges. We also work closely with in-house counsel and human resources leaders to create comprehensive immigration strategies, assist and advise their own in-house immigration team, and conduct immigration compliance audits and training.