Health Information at the Crossroads: New Uses & Challenges for Integrated Clinical Records (Physicians and Hospitals Law Institute)

4-6 February 2019


Grand Hyatt San Antonio
San Antonio, TX
United States of America


This session will focus on practical strategies for new types of clinical and reimbursement data and emerging uses of the data, which is often now found in an integrated community-wide or clinically integrated network record. We will address:

  • How the regulatory frameworks that intersect and overlap with HIPAA affect health information use and drive the creation of new forms of data
  • New types of data that entities are developing for CMS quality reporting, quality improvement activities, research and implementing new health care payment methodologies
  • Common “real world” data use challenges created by uses of these new and broader data sets, including when generated from an integrated clinical record
  • Practical strategies and best practices for managing consents, contractual rights and expectations of providers and patients related to these uses of data in an integrated clinical record
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