Global Supply, Global Risk: How to Manage Supply Chain Risks in a Globalized Food Industry

31 January 2019


K&L Gates San Francisco
4 Embarcadero Center, Suite 1200
San Francisco, CA 94111-5994
United States of America

Food and beverage companies increasingly operate in a globalized marketplace. They must protect themselves from the financial consequences of food contamination and recall events, which frequently come from international suppliers and span borders. Companies face heightened risks from labeling and marketing claims, both domestically and internationally. And each local jurisdiction poses unique risks and widely varying regulations that address potential unethical or illegal conduct within their supply chains.

This panel will analyze today’s risk environment for food and beverage companies, as well as innovative insurance solutions that mitigate supply chain and other risks. The panel will help attendees identify practical solutions that enhance protections against risk, even in rapidly changing areas of the industry and economy.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • Identifying key risks facing food and beverage industries, and matching those risks with insurance and other mitigation tools;
  • Understanding the specialty policies available to address food contamination and recall risk, including the differences between “product recall” and “product contamination” policies;
  • Improving planning to minimize the financial impact of product contamination and recall events, including techniques for tracking costs to maximize insurance recoveries;
  • Discussing best practices for handling an insurance claim to avoid disputes while maximizing coverage, including how best to quantify and document an insurance claim; and
  • Developing practical approaches to resolve disputes with insurers, including key trends in insurance and indemnification issues that involve food-related claims.


  • Matthew Ball: Matt is a partner at K&L Gates who represents food and beverage companies in complex civil litigation, including in class actions and strategic commercial litigation. Matt has worked extensively with food and beverage companies regarding labeling and safety issues.


  • Jonathan Cohen: Jonathan is a partner at K&L Gates who represents policy holders in the food and beverage industries to obtain coverage for a broad array of losses and liabilities. Jonathan has recovered billions of dollars for companies in product-related coverage matters. He has represented food and beverage companies in insurance matters relating to, among other things, supply chain losses, product contaminations and recalls, Proposition 65 and consumer actions, intellectual property claims, property losses, and bodily injury claims.
  • Brad Murlick: Brad is a Managing Director in BDO’s Forensic Insurance and Recovery group who has facilitated billions of dollars in recoveries related to property and business interruption, product recalls, and other risks, with a heavy focus on the food and beverage and agribusiness industries, among others.
  • Kevin Loar: Kevin is a Senior Vice President with Woodruff Sawyer who provides insurance brokerage and consulting services to address clients’ property and casualty exposures. Kevin has extensive expertise placing and managing international insurance programs, especially in the food and beverage industries.
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