The relationship between businesses and governments around the world remains in an uncertain state. On top of continued anemic economic growth in Europe, uncertainty surrounding the diverse economies of Asia, and turbulence in the Middle East, recent elections have introduced new dynamics: the UK’s departure from the European Union brought about by the Brexit vote, Australia’s election to determine all members of parliament, and the new Trump Administration in the United States. Additional uncertainty is caused by results of the recent elections in the UK and France, as well as the pending formation of a new government in Germany. All these changes present companies worldwide with significant challenges—and opportunities. We can help.

Despite the global turbulence in political systems and economies, one fact remains the same: every government action creates new winners and losers. Entities and organizations that engage will find opportunities and benefits, including new legislation, funding programs, and regulations that provide valuable and competitive advantages. There are also threats. Political institutions around the world face great pressure to examine the causes of the crisis and to seek to punish those deemed to have acted improperly. Businesses and their leadership face aggressive regulatory enforcement actions, high-profile legislative investigations and hearings, and new regulatory regimes. These often take place simultaneously, and navigating these waters successfully requires careful strategy and preparation, with the help of counsel both experienced and competent, in dealing with the multiple jurisdictions and bodies that may be involved. Conflicting interests likely will have an impact on the ultimate outcome. Success in this dynamic environment requires participants to synthesize a wide range of highly specialized information and to make judgments that draw upon inputs from a variety of disciplines.

The firm’s Global Government Solutions (GGS) initiative brings together lawyers and policy professionals from around the globe who understand client issues from every perspective—legally, politically, and commercially—as well as use their collective knowledge and experience to help clients consider and address the options available to them, whether they are legislative, regulatory, or judicial. We provide timely, cost-effective solutions. Our global reach, depth, and breath of our practice position us to advance client interests efficiently and effectively and to develop and execute coordinated strategies in multiple locations.

Our global capabilities have been acknowledged by outside sources, such as Chambers USA, a leading guide to the legal profession. In their 2013 guide, it was noted, “The firm's Global Government Solutions initiative relies on smart interaction between [46] offices worldwide. This service is ideally suited to support clients whose policy objectives extend beyond the USA.”

Depth of Experience
Our professionals have extensive public service credentials at the federal, state, and local government levels. Lawyers and professionals have previously held positions in government worldwide. Among our colleagues in the United States are a former U.S. Senator and three former U.S. Representatives. Our team also includes numerous others including former White House officials; key former Republican and Democratic counsel and staff to the House and Senate leadership and committees; a former general counsel of the Central Intelligence Agency; senior counsel at various government agencies such as the Department of Justice, Securities and Exchange Commission, Environmental Protection Agency, Federal Trade Commission, Federal Aviation Administration, Office of Foreign Assets Control, and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission; senior gubernatorial aides, military officials, and others. Outside of the United States, we have individuals who previously have held positions within the United Kingdom’s Serious Fraud Office and Revenue and Customs Prosecution Office, a former EU official, and Hong Kong’s Department of Justice.

Geographic Reach
K&L Gates has fully integrated offices in the primary political, commercial, and financial centers of North America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Australia, and South America, including 11 world capitals. As business issues increasingly involve multiple government authorities, our global reach allows us to develop and execute coordinated strategies in multiple locations.

Our reach extends to every region of the United States. In particular, our Washington, D.C. office, just blocks from the White House, and a short distance from Capitol Hill, federal agencies, and other regulatory bodies, is ideally-situated to assist our clients in all types of government-related matters. Along the West Coast, we have offices in Orange County, Los Angeles, Palo Alto, San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle. In the Central United States our offices stretch from Texas (Austin, Dallas, Houston, and Fort Worth) to Chicago. On the East Coast, we reach from Florida to New England, with locations in Miami, North Carolina (Charlotte, Research Triangle Park, and Raleigh), South Carolina (Charleston), Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh and Harrisburg), Newark, New York, Wilmington, and Boston.

We have combined these capabilities with a network of offices around the globe. In Europe, we practice from offices in London, Paris, Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin, Brussels, and Milan. In Asia, we are in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taipei, Singapore, Seoul, and Tokyo, and we are located in the Middle East, in Dubai and Doha. We also have a presence in South America, in São Paulo. In Australia, we have offices in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney.