Risk is a defining feature of commercial activity and the defining challenge for corporate boards in the 21st century. But understanding risk is not sufficient. Knowing when to embrace risk, when to hedge risk, and when to avoid risk are just as essential. A board well-advised on the law is empowered to act as a bulwark against risk. A poorly advised board may imperil the corporate interest—and its own.

Risk takes many forms and can be strategic or operational, domestic or international, legal or financial. In an instant, risk can tarnish a hard-earned reputation and destroy long-standing relationships. Or, risk can permeate, eventually overwhelming the defenses of the company, fund, or bank.

Directors face heightened and multifaceted legal, regulatory, and public scrutiny from an array of domestic and international private and public parties, frequently against the background of intense media attention. The days when a crisis could be safely compartmentalized into the resolution of one issue in one jurisdiction have long passed.

What We Do
Building on decades of experience in the service of companies and their boards as trusted legal advisors, K&L Gates has developed a unique, international, multidisciplinary approach to risk mitigation. Working collaboratively with directors and management, K&L Gates assists in identifying, evaluating, mitigating, and responding to legal risk in its various forms. We bring together a global team of lawyers in areas including corporate governance, competition and regulatory, insurance coverage, workplace safety, environment, antitrust, anticorruption, product liability, cyber security, and data privacy, among others, providing clients with an integrated, customized service to help anticipate and effectively and efficiently deal with risk.

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