Changing Global Data Breach Notification Laws: Regulatory Trends (IAPP - RADAR)

11 November 2018


via Webinar
Privacy and legal professionals are challenged to ensure their organizations are compliant with ever-changing U.S. state, federal and international breach notification regulatory requirements. Not only are there existing regulations to research and understand, but at any given time, there are also active bills to be aware of that could completely change the landscape of regulatory compliance moving forward. Keeping up with these shifting laws requires constant vigilance and analysis to determine what impacts these obligations will have for your organization.

We are presenting the second installment of a two-part web conference series exploring data breach notification complexities. Learn about a number of trends drawn from legislative activity seen in 2018—from GDPR to PIPEDA to several U.S. states—and what we expect to see going into 2019. Patterns will be uncovered that will help you make sense of this growing global regulatory landscape.
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