Adrian Jonca

Partner, K&L Gates Jamka

Pl. Małachowskiego 2
00-066 Warsaw, Poland

Adrian Jonca is a partner and a member of the tax practice. He has many years of experience in practicing as a tax advisor for foreign companies in Poland. His main area of activity concerns tax litigation in a variety of tax matter areas during tax control proceedings and in courts, at trial and appellate levels. His experience includes negotiating, drafting and advising on a wide variety of commercial, infrastructure, leasing and M&A transactions in Poland; representing international and national clients in tax litigation matters and developing trial and pre-trial strategy; litigation activities including the representation of tax payers in VAT and CIT matters, capital duty disputes and other tax claims; and representation of management in employment litigation and related tax matters, including investigation of allegations of tax fraud or tax evasion. Adrian has also successfully conducted litigation in a variety of high-profile tax cases with regard to national and international tax issues and achieved favorable resolutions of complex, often challenging, cases, including almost a dozen rulings in which the settlement exceeded the claim value of € 10 million.

Partner with K&L Gates Jamka Spółka Komandytowa (“K&L Gates Jamka”). K&L Gates Jamka has entered into a cooperative arrangement with K&L Gates LLP.


  • M.A., Düsseldorf (1995)


Tax Advisor, Warsaw
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