ACI’s 20th Annual Prepaid Card Compliance

29-30 January 2020


Washington Plaza Hotel
Washington, D.C.


As we enter 2020, the prepaid industry is facing a unique and evolving set of challenges. Given the current, rapid pace of payments innovation, the creation of viable fintech partnerships and changes to the governing regulatory landscape, prepaid companies and their counsel have no shortage of questions surrounding how to construct their priorities for the next year and beyond. Washington D.C. partner Linda C. Odom will be on a panel that will explore the interweaving federal and state regulations that govern the marketing of prepaid cards, and provide key tips for ensuring effective and successful advertising while avoiding common pitfalls of unfair or deceptive trade practices.

Linda Odom is experienced in developing, implementing and supporting emerging payment, cryptocurrency, prepaid, credit and debit card programs and in addressing their regulatory and payment card network compliance issues. She has helped numerous emerging and traditional payments companies and merchants structure their payments products and services to maximize revenue, minimize their regulatory footprint, and reduce fraud losses.
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